Presentation : Mobile Web Applications Using HTML5

I had spoken at IndicThreads Mobile conference which was held in Pune on November 19-20, 2010. One of the talks I gave was using HTML5 to write Mobile Web Applications.

Mobile applications are generally classified into Native and Web applications. The dominant type of applications are the Native applications whereas the Web based applications on mobile have generally not garnered too much press. Two prominent reasons being that one does not have access to the full range of APIs in a web based mobile application and you cannot sell a mobile web application in the Marketplaces.

However, parts of HTML5 are implemented quite well on most Smartphones today. The underlying magic behind that is the Webkit engine that has been adopted by the vendors. In this presentation, I give an overview of HTML5 APIs that are ready for usage on Smartphones today and they present a compelling and cross platform alternative to several kinds of applications.



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