My Review of Data Source Handbook

Handy guide to Open Data APIs

By iRomin from Mumbai, India on 2/7/2011


4out of 5

Pros: Concise, Easy to understand, Helpful examples

Cons: Endpoints might change

Best Uses: Intermediate, Novice, Student

Describe Yourself: Developer

The Data Source handbook by Pete Warden is a short reference guide to Open Data. The reference has a clear focus on how to get open data on websites, people, locations, companies and common products like books, films and music.

It provides important information on various web services today that provide this information. Their endpoint urls, the data formats, sample input/output responses are discussed. It has just about enough for anyone who is interested in understanding what open data is available and how to go around fetching it. If you have an idea on building a mashup that needs access to this data, this book can definitely be your starting point that shows you where you can get this data.

I recommend it as a good reference of Open Data APIs. It will surely whet your appetite for more Open APIs.



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