Free Google AppEngine Book

Cloud Computing has arrived and it provides significant benefits to developers who wish to write applications in the cloud and make use of large infrastructure that has been setup by Platform As A Service (PAAS) providers like Amazon and Google.

Google App Engine is one of the popular PAAS providers that allows you to deploy Java and/or Python based applications to the same infrastructure that hosts their services. I have covered several episodes at this blog that teach you the various services that are available in the Google App Engine to start writing your applications today.

To make it easier for everyone, I have combined all the episodes into a single and free eBook.

The GAEJ Experiments eBook contains

  • All 15 episodes published at the site
  • A Bonus Chapter 16: Using the Datastore API

I thank all readers and my friends who made production of the eBook possible.

Download the eBook and distribute. It is free of cost.

Download it here.



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