Google D3vF3sT 2010 – Pune – A report

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9 thoughts on “Google D3vF3sT 2010 – Pune – A report

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  2. First of all congragts for the book, also thank you.
    loved your points about “more compelling presentation flow” and Patrick’s sessions to be longer.
    That said allow me to disagree with some other points that you stated.
    1.I totally disagree as far as your Q&A point is considered.I loved that portion (and can assure you atleast 5 other people in the conference that i spoke with loved it as well). And even the point of people asking questions by typing and getting replies by email misses the point. You can’t neglect the value of live interaction(if that was not the case we wouldn’t need teachers nor would people go and attend conferences in person instead of watching a live stream).
    2.And i’m sorry but nobody except the organisers has the right to call any questions irrelevant specially since it was a democratic situation and there was no clearly defined stuff to ask. At best you can dismiss them as noob level questions.
    3.No event can be ever tailor made to a particular person’s taste. What seems good to you might seem bad to me and vice versa.Please take the time to acknowledge logistic and social considerations as well.

    and just to clarify I do not work for Google or any of there partners.

    PS:I can confirm that you didn’t miss much after you left. you may visit (they have some youtube videos.

    1. Hi Abhishek,

      Thanks for the wishes. Hope you find the book useful.

      In the spirit of “Open Standards”, we must “agree” to “disagree” :-). So yes, you have a viewpoint too and I respect that.

      Some more points from my side:

      – I do not at any point mention that the Q&A should be done away with and inspite of certain disappointments from my side, I did get quite some valuable points from D3vf3st, which I have listed down for all readers.

      – I agree with the live interation experience that you mentioned and at the same time, the live interaction can go on between sessions, during breaks, a little after the conference, etc. My experience of most Q&A sessions of late has been that they are eating into a lot of time from other aspects of the conference, trainings, etc. Instead of the kiosk thing, there are several different ways too. Take questions live via Twitter hashtags, pick out the most relevant questions (The organizers select that), show that on the screen so that everyone sees the question, etc. There are multiple ways that this can be done.

      Thanks for your comments again. I think feedback from me, you and others about exactly what they felt about D3vF3st will help Google and all of us the next time around. And finally let there be no doubt about how much I really acknowledge Google for their great products, free tools and constant reaching out to the community via various mediums.


  3. This was a good detailed post. I missed DevFest as I wasnt in the city else I would have been sitting besides you 🙂 Your post helped me to catch up with the session as if it was unfolding in front of my eyes.

  4. Yeah some of the questions at devfest were totally unnecessary or even more sometimes out of the place. But the organisers didnt have any choice but to answer them. I also was looking forward to GAE session but I think maybe Patrick dropped some of the things in session just to avoid some more unnecessary questions. 🙂 (kidding). But there’s always youtube to the rescue!

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