Four Stray Thoughts : November 12, 2009

Here are my Four Stray Thoughts for the day:

1. The India-Australia Cricket Series: The One-day series between the two countries concluded recently and Australia won the series hands down. There were two constants in this series:

  • Australian players getting injured thereby trying to ensure India wins
  • Indian players making so many mistakes thereby trying to ensure Australia wins

In the end, Australia won the series and they did it with almost their 2nd XI. What was important to note was that their key players were rock solid and led by example. As a result, the fringe players got inspired and put in a great performance. On the other hand, our key players flattered to deceive and could not collectively inspire each other. The worse part was that we almost kept the team unchanged except for a bowler or two. This has been a repeated pattern of all Indian teams where the players on the bench continue to do just that .. warming the benches, while the players on the field continue to warm their bank accounts. The public meanwhile keeps hoping that the turnaround in Indian Cricket Teams fortune is just a match away.

2. Cyclone ‘Phyan’: Mumbai missed getting hit by the Cyclone yesterday. While the Cyclone missed doing its job, the people of the city did not miss out on the opportunities. The government swung into action, ordering schools and offices closed. Relief teams were prepared at strategic points. Office administrative folks all over got into business and promptly decided to shut down early. Most working folks packed up early and jetted off home. In short, everyone got really busy anticipating the cyclone to hit. The politicians also must have got really busy. They must have assembled with their cronies in a room and even calculated how much damage the Cyclone will cause. They would have calculated the amount that they will demand from the Centre as Cyclone Relief Amount. Alas, Phyan put paid to their hopes of adding to their bank balances.

3. The nonsense about Nutritional Research: There does not pass a single day, when we are reminded of the latest nutritional research and its findings. Eat more greens, eat less meat, drink more water, drink less water, drink more coffee, less tea, more tea, go organic, be a vegan, etc. The latest crap from this nutritional research findings is that drinking 8 cups of tea is good for your heart. Read it here. I find everything that is published under nutritional research as nonsense and must I add, I find the people participating and following it, also the same. How can anyone take these findings seriously? Let me present a few observations over the years:

  • There are several instances where it was suggested that a certain thing X was bad for you. But 2-3 years later, those findings are thrown into the dustbin and they have concluded that it might actually be good for you.
  • Who has the time and means to follow the numbers that they state. For e.g. eat a handful of nuts, drink 12 glasses of water a day (what if I am thirsty and need to drink more?), etc.
  • Why are the items suggested as being good for you are a) Expensive and b) Not tasty

I think unless you have an army of servants, money to blow away and want to impress your socialite friends with your latest food strategy at Page 3 parties, there is no way you can take the findings seriously. Which brings me to another peculiar observation. I have never been a part of such nutritional studies and neither has been anyone that I know about. The chances are quite high that you have never been part of one also.

4. No Power without Power : This confusing statement can now be used to describe the Power situation in Maharashtra. I am not talking of our politicians, they will be in a power struggle forever. The struggle that I am talking about is about providing power (electricity) to homes and industries across Maharashtra. It is a known problem, that the state has dragged its feet on power generation projects across the state, as a result of which, not a single MW has been added for years especially considering the growth that we have had. Cities and towns across the state go without electricity for hours. And the excuses range have typically centered around the failed Dabhol project, which is a like a shield used to reflect back any serious investigations into why nothing is being done about the situation. Coming back to the “No Power without Power” statement, there is a report that says that the Power projects that are being setup might not get completed and they are probably stalled. And the reason being given : because there is a power deficit. So we know that we have no power and that we have setup more projects to generate power. But we cannot do that because to run those projects first, we need power. I guess the Administration is getting innovative here and is now confusing the public with statements that are similar to “What came first, the Chicken or the Egg”?


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