Four Stray Thoughts : October 30, 2009

Here are my Four Stray Thoughts for the day:

1. Friday blues: Normally Friday is a day that everyone looks forward to. For folks who do the 5-day week (Monday to Friday), a Friday typically sees them in a good mood since one looks forward to a nice break for the weekend. But it has been my experience that if things start going wrong, they seem to happen on a Friday evening most likely. This results in working on the weekend. It is almost like Murphy’s law is waiting to strike as Friday is coming to a close. I am not sure Thank God Its Friday (TGIF) is true anymore.

2. Gloomy Outlook: Just when it seemed that things were improving on all fronts, it looks like a lot of things are suddenly going wrong in our country. And they all seem to be happening at the same time. Just look around and follow the news headlines. On the international front, issues with China/Pakistan. Climate Talks not leading anywhere. Train accidents, near plane crashes, etc. Clear mandates being given to political parties but each of the winning candidates wants to put down the others. Maoists getting a free hand in perpetuating violence. Economic front too — the indicators are not looking good all of a sudden. Prices keep rising. Wonder what is coming next? Santa Claus is going to have his task cut out for him this time.

3. Do we care if India wins or loses in Cricket: With the amount of cricket being played, winning or losing is becoming irrelevant. Not a single team in the world of cricket is consistent. Australia was the only one but even they are not invincible of late. It has practically become impossible for any team  to be a world beater now and the only indicator is going to be winning more than losing. The rankings system in world cricket is obscure and I am quite sure not a single soul including ICC care about that, except for an awards function at the end of the year.Cricket (atleast on TV) has become like a movie now. You may enjoy the match or you may not. Just like the Actors/Actresses keep surviving across hits and flops, the cricketers have mastered that too. If you look closely, our Film Industry and Cricket are nearly the same.

4. The sad scenario with North East India: As long as I can remember, we were taught that Arunachal Pradesh is a state of India. I guess if you ask the Chinese, they might say it belongs to China. I am not sure whom it belongs to and like most Indians unfortunately, Arunachal Pradesh belongs to a bunch of states in the North East of India. This region of India has been a mystery to most Indians and is nearly cut off from the mainstream. Except for stray events happening in Assam, we hardly hear any news about the other states. This sort of attitude has been rightly exploited by China and I would not blame the people of that state too, if they just don’t care about belonging to India. We have treated these states as orphans and now everyone claims to have fathered them. The point is how to prove who is the real father here?


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