Four Stray Thoughts : October 12, 2009

Here are my Four Stray Thoughts for October 12, 2009:

  1. The Festival of Noise: Diwali is almost upon us. And like everything else, it has all but lost its meaning. No matter what the pseudo believers tell, the festival is another occasion to make lots of noise. And I mean that … lots of noise. The police and the NGO’s will put up their false show again by informing us that one is not allowed to burst crackers over certain decibels. They will even inform us about roaming around the city with noise level detectors, etc. They will publish a report after all is said and done about which areas of Mumbai were the noisiest, etc. And it must be a matter of great pride for a city area/suburb to be rank the ‘noisiest’. That would certainly be ‘paisa vasool’ for them. As for me and my family, we will be gladly running away from the noise.
  2. Here come the Spelling Bees: No I am not talking about bees that give us honey. These are our young kids who are being subjected by their parents to this new madness calling “Spelling Bee”. For those who do not know, the Spelling Bee is a contest in which the kids fight it out among themselves to spell right almost ridiculous words. This contest seems to have gripped parents more than their kids and as a result of that, they are subjecting their children to almost mindless amounts of memorizing hundreds of words that make no sense to them. Believe it or not, but the contest starts at school level from Std I itself. From the school, it goes to inter school, then state, then national and then international. So you can imagine theĀ  mental pressure that these kids are being subjected to just because their parents want to earn a few brownie points among themselves. They even boast that the words are so simple that their wards knew it without any trouble. As for my son, I prefer to let him have fun at his age (6 years) and not worry about memorizing 1000 words for which no one actually cares a damn.
  3. The Red Bull Mystery: So the Red Bull car and David Coulthard zipped across the Bandra Worli Sea Link. It seems that he zipped across the link in a minute and reached speeds in excess of 230 km/hr. I am confused. Was it an advertisement for the car, the sea link, Red Bull drink or the Sea Link? I think none of them. In fact it has turned out to be a coup of sorts for the MSRDC and the police. They are laughing their way to the bank for they plan to fine the organizers (Red Bull) of the Rs. 14 lakh security deposit. In fact I would not be surprised if this was all planned by everyone involved (including the so called victim i.e. Red Bull). What better way to stay in the media attention and that too for only Rs. 14 lakh! The younger generation of our country must have taken to Red Bull drinking as if there is no tomorrow after such a stupendous show by the car. With so many dry days in October, what better way than to get charged by drinking Red Bull.
  4. Maharashtra Elections: So finally the campaigning is over and the voting is due tomorrow. This was a colorful campaign in which the politicians themselves admitted for the first time that they were actually animals. I say this because they only referred to each other by referencing some animal or the other. Several other things have caught my attention in this campaign. The one word that seems to be coming up is “Hatao”… (in English it means ‘Remove’). Congress says “Garibi Ko Hatao!”. BJP says “Congress Ko Hatao!”. Shiv Sena says “MNS Ko Hatao”. MNS says “Shiv Sena Ko Hatao”. Raj says “Udhav Ko Hatao”. Udhav says “Raj Ko Hatao”. MNS says “North Indians Ko Hatao”.. and so on. Mumbaikars meanwhile are least bothered since the ground realities will remain the same. As a result of this, the most frequented spots in the State during this Election day are going to be the various “hill stations” in the State and not the “polling stations”.

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