Busy with Agents

A couple of weeks back I had published a blog article on the Mumbai Blood Bank Locator Agent. If you haven’t read it, take a look here. The Agent which runs automatically inside of Instant Messaging clients like Google Talk was received positively by a lot of folks. Several folks were interested in learning about how it was written. That gave birth to another blog named Google App Engine Experiments (http://gaejexperiments.wordpress.com ) where I will discuss all technical stuff related to the Google App Engine.

I started off writing two detailed blog posts over there which covered how to:

  1. Set up your development environment. Read it here.
  2. Writing our own IM Agent like the Mumbai Blood Bank Locator Agent. Read it here.

The response was positive and I have hopefully triggered a chain that will see more agents being written.

The first agent that I have come to know of that got written in response to the series of articles was by my colleague Prashant Thakkar. His Agent, which again runs inside of Google Talk or any other XMPP compliant IM client is called Todays Special. No this is not about the lunch menu at some restaurant but about getting some pretty nifty stuff right inside of Google Talk everyday like quotes, horoscope, today in history, etc. Read all about it and how his agent works at following link.

I hope to hear more from folks about what Agent they wrote. It should make for more interesting times ahead to see people create things after you pulled the trigger ….


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